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Allenstown, NH


This Mini Pumper / Light Rescue has a DuraBull coated cab mounted control console, with a Whelen lighting package and a Whelen Back-up alarm system. Hale Foam Logix 2.1 Foam System, with a 15 Gallon Foam Cell. It also has a UPF 300 Water Tank.

York Beach, ME


This XLT package Mini Pumper is equipped with Hale Foam Logix Class A Foam System, Sentry pressure governor and a large rescue style body with internal storage for stokes, long boards, long handle tools, ROM painted roll up doors, Heated EMS compartment in body. It has Whelen LED warning lighting, and FRC 12 volt LED telescoping scene lighting.

Paris, ME


This Tanker Unit has a 400 horse power engine, with a 2,500 Gallon Pump. Waterous CLVK PTO Driven Pump, and a Kussmaul Pump.

Made in the U.S.A

Proven Technology

Top Performance

Building a Custom Fire Rescue

Currently in production is Windham, ME’s Fire Rescue.

This Fire Rescue will be a standard XL Model 5-550 Crew Cab, 4x4x.

The specs for this truck will include a new commercial chassis, Ford F-550 Super Duty Crew Cab 4×4 Model. It’s dimensions will be: 179″ WB; 60″ CA, Open C-channel Straight Frame.

More specifications and details to come…

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