Clinton, MA – Horton F-550 Type I Ambulance

Compartment Photos: Interior Photos: Project Manager: Brian Zarlenga Delivery Date: August 24, 2021 FEATURES: 2021 Ford 550 4x4 Horton 603, Type 1 Ambulance Electronic Privacy Windows Aluminum Rims Horton I4G System Stryker Power Load Stryker Power Pro cot Liquid Spring suspension system Cool Tech I HVAC system Whelen M series warning lights

Yarmouth, MA – Horton Type I Ambulance

Project Manager: Keith Jackson Delivery Date: September 15, 2020 FEATURES: 2020 Horton Model 623 – Custom constructed on a Dodge 5500HD chassis. All Whelen LED lighting. Custom compartmentation for safe storage of PPE. Horton HOPS (Occupant Protection System). All aluminum construction, exterior and interior. No wood products. Custom cab features for safety and ease of use. Rear facing emergency lights operate in “cruise mode” and “low intensity” upon demand. Exclusive Horton i4g electronics technology.