Zero RPM – Revolutionize your fleet!

WHAT DO ZERO RPM® IDLE MITIGATION SYSTEMS® DO FOR ME AND MY FLEET? ZeroRPM Idle Mitigation Systems (IMS)® eliminate unnecessary idling with hands-free control: once the vehicle is in park, the IMS® automatically shuts down the engine and provides all required power. Patented ZeroRPM® technology enables full use of the factory HVAC controls, providing comfortable use of the vehicle without the waste associated with engine idling. For extended times of stationary use of the vehicle, the IMS® automatically manages the engine start/stop to recharge the batteries as needed. When it is time to drive, a brake press starts the engine,…

Safe Drive Systems

Safe Drive Systems Radar and Camera Safe Drive System’s RD140 is based on the latest radar and camera Sensor technology combined with the most advanced image analysis software in the world to monitor driving patterns and risk mitigation assessments SDS will keep your crews alert to hazards they may miss due to distractions and fatigue making your ambulance the safest on the road.

Cool-Bar by Wheeled Coach

Cool-Bar by Wheeled Coach Before you order your next ambulance, be sure that your patients and crew have the most efficient air conditioning system available. The best way to meet this need is with an external condenser mounted on the front of the ambulance body. Problem is, that solution is UGLY and not as efficient as Wheeled Coach’s Cool-BarTM.

HOPS – Horton Occupant Protection System

HOPS – Horton Occupant Protection System When and Where you need it. When lives hang in the balance, Horton’s exclusive HOPS system holds them in place. Emergency crews deserve the best protection when they’re performing the vital work of saving lives. That’s why our exclusive Horton Occupant Protection System, or HOPS, is standard on every ambulance we build. HOPS is a fully tested system that combines advanced restraints, multi-density head protection, tubular airbags and head curtain airbags to provide a level of advanced protection for first responders in a rollover event. We’ve expertly engineered protection in every direction to help…

EMS World Podcast

Horton is truly the LEADER in safety and innovation! Check out this podcast from EMS World regarding how Horton Emergency Vehicles is focusing on keeping the attendants in the back of the ambulances as safe as possible. Link to the website below.