In-House Graphics Department

Striping | Lettering on any of your Department vehicles | Chief's Vehicles

Town Vehicles | Apparatus | Hazmat/Special Ops Trailers

Even tools or equipment!

You have the hands-on approach to select and implement any style to your apparatus the way you want it! Our Graphics Specialist Carl Leitao can easily guide you through it.


Note: Greenwood does not supply commercialized decals.


Give your fleet that uniform look that only Greenwood can provide.

We offer a wide selection of graphics.

Carl Leitao
Graphics Specialist

Need a custom graphic?

Carl our Graphics Specialist can create you a custom graphic of your choice.

Original and Modified Graphics

Do you need your towns seal revamped?

Carl our Graphics Specialist can revive, modify, alter any graphic of your choosing to fit the look and feel of your apparatus.

Design & Concept


With State-of-the-Art lettering equipment, it will give your new or refurbished apparatus a vibrant beautiful look!

For any questions feel free to call our main number to speak to Carl to set up an appointment.


Email Carl:


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