REDUCE UNNECESSARY IDLE TIME. The all-in-one ECO IDLE-TEC system reduces unnecessary idle time through robust lithium iron batteries that deliver uninterrupted power to your rig while reducing operating costs and protecting the environment. ▪ Automatic and seamless engine shutdown and restart. ▪ Charge through the alternator or plug-in at the station. ▪ Telematics feature tracks fuel and emissions savings. ▪ Engine-off options for: ▪ Up to 3 hours run time ▪ Cab heating (standard or high performance) ▪ Cab Cooling (standard or high performance)

Protect your crew with PROTECH

Protect your crew with PROTECH E-ONE’s all new ProTech™ occupant protection system integrates the latest prevention and protection technology into our industry-leading apparatus designs to offer an all-encompassing safety technology package unlike any other in the industry.


CUSTOM SOLUTIONS FOR A CLEANER CAB ENVIRONMENT. E-ONE offers a suite of decontamination and biohazard mitigation options that includes SCBA and bunker gear storage outside of the crew area, HEPA air filtration system and easy to clean seating. These solutions are designed to help mitigate contaminants inside the cab promoting a better environment for your crew. Having a variety of choices allows your department to customize the apparatus to meet your department needs and overall mission.

Axis Technology

THE FUTURE IS AXIS™ SMART TRUCK TECHNOLOGY AXIS™ Smart Truck Technology is a secure intelligent truck system engineered specifically for emergency response vehicles. MISSION SUCCESS. AXIS™ Smart Truck Technology connects to the components used every day on emergency vehicles, providing streamlined operations, increased uptime, and improved vehicle health when it matters most. Gain additional operational insights, proactive reporting, real-time support and extensive network capabilities with secure AXIS™ Smart Truck Technology.

Zero RPM – Revolutionize your fleet!

WHAT DO ZERO RPM® IDLE MITIGATION SYSTEMS® DO FOR ME AND MY FLEET? ZeroRPM Idle Mitigation Systems (IMS)® eliminate unnecessary idling with hands-free control: once the vehicle is in park, the IMS® automatically shuts down the engine and provides all required power. Patented ZeroRPM® technology enables full use of the factory HVAC controls, providing comfortable use of the vehicle without the waste associated with engine idling. For extended times of stationary use of the vehicle, the IMS® automatically manages the engine start/stop to recharge the batteries as needed. When it is time to drive, a brake press starts the engine,…

Active Air Purification

Provide better air quality and a safer cab environment. Active Air reduces cancer causing carcinogens and actively eliminates viral and bacterial pathogens, odors, molds and mildew by utilizing safe levels of naturally occurring hydrogen peroxide. Start protecting your crew today. ▪ Kills 99% of germs, microbes, viruses, and bacteria in the air and on surfaces * ▪ Proven reduction in sneeze germs by 99% within three feet ▪ Proven efficiency on microbes (3rd party tested on H1N1, Avian Flu, sneeze test) ▪ Proven impact on odor reduction Advantages ▪ Sanitizes air and surfaces ▪ Safe for all passengers ▪ Lowers…