Custom Pumpers

Custom Pumpers


This is the truck that has it all. The pride of the Maxim fleet, this first-responding vehicle has by far the most options, and serves the most emergency needs.

While all Maxim Custom Rescue Pumpers feature an all stainless-steel body, aluminum wheels, roll-up doors, enclosed hard suction storage, chevron striping at the rear, and a vertical interior ladder tunnel for 24’ or 14’ ladders, there’s a choice among several models of Cummins engines, a 750 or 1000 gallon poly tank, and the type of Spartan chassis offered. With disc brakes on the front and rear, mud and snow tires on the back end, air brakes with both ABS and ATC, and an electric driver’s seat with ample space for an officer, plus two rear-facing jump seats, this truck has everything personnel need to serve in all emergency situations.



  • All stainless-steel body
  • Roll-up doors
  • Vertical interior ladder tunnel (for 24′ and 14′ ladders)
  • Enclosed hard suction storage
  • Chevron striping at rear
  • Choice of Spartan Chassis
  • Choice of several models of Cummins engines
  • Allison EVS 3000/4000 Transmissions
  • Driver (electric seat), officer and 2 rear-facing jump seats (all three SCBA seats)

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