Horton Video Footage

Horton Customization - Design in every detail

Horton redefines and reimagines safety, design andstyle with the ultimate customized ambulance.

Your Horton ambulance is an investment in your future. That’s why we begin each ambulance design with a clean slate and develop it with your firsthand experience and our deep expertise. We offer extensive customization options so you can make your Horton look as good as it performs and reflect your individualized needs and preferences.

Directional Saftey Lighting - Smart lighting for increased visibility

Horton’s unique Directional Safety Lighting heightens the visibility of the ambulance, enhancing the safety of those inside and outside the vehicle.

For those who expect and require only the best, Horton redefines and reimagines safety, design and style. Our advanced Directional Safety Lighting directs traffic around the ambulance, helping to enhance the safety of your crews, their patients and those around the scene. Horton’s seamless, integrated system is easy to use and designed to provide the greatest visibility so your crews can keep their focus on what matters.