Rear Mount

Rear Mount

e-onecleanRearMountWith the E-ONE® rear-mount pumper, the operator has full view of the scene due to the rearward, side-facing or rear pump panel design. By placing the pump and the pump operator panel at the rear of the apparatus, the wheel base is significantly reduced, improving maneuverability. This makes the E-ONE rear-mount pumper ideal for getting around narrow street corners and subdivisions. This configuration is available with tank capacities up to 1030-gallons along with internal and external storage for NFPA ladders and equipment.


  • Quest®, Cyclone® II, hush® mid-Engine, Typhoon® or commercial chassis available
  • Hale®, Waterous® or Darley® pumps; foam and CAFS available
  • 530- to 1030-gallon water tank capacity
  • Enclosed ladder and equipment storage
  • Body and pump panel available in stainless steel or aluminum
  • Available with full-width transverse and/or speed lay compartment between the cab and body
  • Rooftop compartments for increased storage
  • Various hosebed widths for multiple hosebed storage options
  • Available options: hinged or roll-up doors, hydraulic or engine driven generators, pole mounted or fixed mounted scene lighting



The deep body compartments allow for storage of larger emergency and rescue equipment. The rear-mount pumper bodies provide up to 490 cubic feet of internal compartment storage.
a full-width transverse module is available for additional storage, pre-connects, dunnage pan, or other vital equipment.
Optional shelving and tool boards allow you to configure each compartment to your specific needs.


The reward pump panel can be positioned at left rear, right rear of center rear of truck.  The pump panel is positioned so that controls and gauges are within reach and sight from the ground.  left rear and right locations feature full depth compartments below the pump panel for hose reel or other large, bulky items.  pump panels are available in stainless steel or Zolotone® finish.

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