Greenwood is the largest Emergency Vehicles dealer in New England. We have an award winning sales staff to assist you with the specifications and product information to help you design the right fire truck for your department. We are proud to say that we offer an unmatched combination of excellent products, highly trained and dedicated sales and a management team dedicated to customer satisfaction.

Customer Testimonial: This communication is one which expresses a positive experience regarding the Horton Ambulance products we have purchased from Greenwood Emergency Vehicles in North Attleboro, Massachusetts. We have purchased both Type I and Type III, Class I vehicles and we have been very satisfied with each purchase. We have had great reliability and serviceability with the Horton product….

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MarkMacDonald_croppedMark MacDonald
Direct Line: 508.809.9810

Mark is responsible for overall sales management of the Sales Department at Greenwood. Mark is grounded in the belief that providing outstanding value to our customers is the only option to long-term success. He is focused on our customers and works within the sales and support teams for the achievement of customer satisfaction. It is because of Mark’s management skills and commitment to our customers that each member of our sales staff works diligently to not only meet, but surpass your expectations. Along with the sales team, Mark is committed to providing the finest quality emergency vehicles and related products and service. It is his goal that Greenwood Emergency Vehicles will continue to be the leading supplier of fire apparatus, ambulances, specialized emergency vehicles and support services to fire departments. Please feel free to contact Mark with any concerns regarding your next vehicle purchase.


LornaMarcoux_croppedLorna Marcoux
Sales & Marketing Coordinator
Direct Line: 508.809.9811

Lorna will assist in your new truck purchase from beginning to end. She is your liaison who creates a smooth communication flow between you and your sales representative. Lorna will prepare your bid specifications, proposals, presentations, contracts, delivery and title paperwork for your new apparatus and will coordinate all sales related details before and after the sale. Lorna also coordinates and implements marketing communication projects for the sales department that include public relations, special events management and advertising. If for some reason your sales representative is not available, give Lorna a call.