Special Purpose Vehicles

Special Purpose Vehicles

Some teams of emergency services personnel require a Special Purpose Vehicle to do a specific job on the front lines. One example of a truck in this category is the Airport Rescue Fire-Fighting Vehicles (ARFF)

Used at airports nationwide, and beyond our borders, to quickly access incidents on or near the runway. This fleet calls for highly-customized designs, and the Maxim Motor Company answers that call with this vehicle. The standard Ford F-550 4 x 4 chassis, pump and roll operations, and diesel engine-driven pumps by Hale or Darley provide all of the specialized equipment necessary for a specific type of emergency incident. Graphic elements are the customer’s choice, allowing this vehicle to match the mark of your fleet. Customize this Special Purpose Vehicle with all the elements that work for you.



  • Airport Rescue Fire Fighting Vehicles (ARRFV)
  • Standard Ford F-550 4×4 chassis
  • Standard Hale or Darley diesel engine driven pumps
  • Pump and Roll operations standard
  • Custom graphics packages available
  • Highly-customized designs available in this series

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