North Attleboro, MA – E-One HR100 Ladder

Compartment Photos: Project Manager: Mark MacDonald Delivery Date: November 28, 2022   FEATURES: Emax HR100 tandem axle heavy duty quint! Built on our severe service 3/16” extruded aluminum Typhoon cab Roll-cage design for firefighter safety. The chassis is powered by a Cummins X12 500 hp engine Aluminum wheels Driver and officer side storage cabinets 12” split vista roof Barrier style doors E-One’s integral torque box Zinc flame spray coating for added corrosion protection. 1500gpm pump 500 gallon tank Pre-piped and pinnable water way Akron Stream Master II 1000 gpm monitor! L-1 includes a custom Whelen warning and scene lighting package…

Easton, ME – E-One Commercial Pumper / Tanker

Project Manager: Tom Shook Delivery Date: November 4, 2022   FEATURES: International 4-door HV607 6x4 cab Seating for 5 with 4 SCBA seats Cummins L9 450HP engine Hale DSD 1250 GPM single stage pump 3000-gallon UPF water tank Stainless steel Newton swivel dump Zico portable tank lift E-ONE steel body with 20 year structural warranty

Cape Elizabeth, ME – E-ONE Typhoon Pumper

Project Manager: Chris Champagne Delivery Date: November 2, 2022   FEATURES: Cummins L9 450 HP Engine, Allison EVS 3000P Transmission E-One Severe Duty Typhoon cab with all metal interior, including diamond plate flooring Custom Seats from Bostrom with Cape Elizabeth’s department patch Rescue style body with internal storage for both ladder and suction hoses All compartment interiors have swirled finish to increase the reflectivity of the compartment lighting Blue compartment strip lights UPF 750 gallon foam tank Hale Q-Max pump Front, side, and rear suction inlets with Hale MIV valves Trident Air Primer E-One Decontamination discharge Blue lighted gauges Whelen…

Braintree, MA – E-One Custom Pumper

Compartment Photos: Interior Photos: Project Manager: Bruce King Delivery Date: October 28, 2022   FEATURES: The NEW Engine 1 is a GEV spec DEMO built on a severe service 3/16” extruded aluminum Typhoon long cab with stainless steel low hose bed body. E-One’s roll-cage design. 12x3.5x375 frame rails Cummins L9 450 hp engine Hale 1500gpm pump 750-gallon poly tank 30 foam 12” vista roof Barrier style cab doors

Windham, ME – E-One Custom Pumper

Project Manager: Chris Champagne Delivery Date: September 12, 2022 Windham, ME - E-One Custom Pumper FEATURES: Cyclone 100” wide cab 4” raised roof over the driver/officer 12” raised roof over the crew area 12” tall galvanized frame system Large rescue style E-Max body with 1000 gallon water tank Roof top compartment for added storage 100# speedy dry system built into the roof top storage Internal ladder storage, on the beam for easier deployment Removable speedlay trays Internal storage for stokes and long boards 1500 GPM E-Max pump Heated pump enclosure Class A foam with 30 gallons of on board supply…

Cumberland, RI – E-One Custom Pumper

Project Manager: Brian Zarlenga Delivery Date: June 2, 2022 Compartment Photos: Interior Photos: FEATURES: E-One Cyclone chassis Cummins L9 450HP Motor EVS 3000 Transmission 320 AMP Leece Neville Alternator Class 1 TPG Pressure Governor Darley 1500 GPM Pump 750-Gallon Water Tank 30-Gallon Foam tank Trident Primer 3/16” Aluminum/Extruded Cab Whelen Warning Light Package

Tilton Northfield, NH – Horton / Ford F550 Type I Ambulance

     Project Manager: Dick Willis Delivery Date: April 22, 2022   Compartment Photos: Interior Photos: FEATURES: Custom interior layout Occupant Protection System (HOPS) In-power battery switch Cooltech I, 100,000 BUT air conditioning system with Smart Fans Knox drug safe Medi-Kool drug dual temp. saline depth unit Vinyl cab seats 8-way power driver’s seat Electric Ziamatic step at curbside door in addition to 3" drop skirt 12-position adjustable control panel in the cab console And many more options!

Cushing, ME – E-One Commercial Pumper / Tanker

Project Manager: Tom Shook Delivery Date: April 11, 2022 Interior Photos:     FEATURES: Freightliner M2-112 chassis 450 HP Cummins engine 3000 gallon UPF tank Rear stainless steel Newton swivel dump Hale 1500 GPM pump E-One all stainless steel body with 20 year structural and corrosion warranty

Bantam, CT – Horton / Ford E450 Type III Ambulance

Interior Photos: Compartment Photos: Project Manager: Chris Gagnon Delivery Date: March 3, 2022 FEATURES: Ford E450 chassis 169” Horton Module body. On-Spot Chains 72” interior Headroom Electronic Privacy Windows BANTAM back-lighted Rear Riser Custom Paint – Graphics and Stripe Solid Surface counter tops CG tech covered Interior panel walls Custom interior aluminum cabinetry – design Curbside entryway recessed oxygen storage Zico Electric Oxygen bracket. Stryker patient transport equipment Whelen LED Interior, Emergency lighting and scene lighting ROM Durolumen LED auxiliary light fixtures. Horton I4G Electrical system Interior patient area and back up camera

Boston, MA – (2) E-One 100′ Ladders 16 & 18

Ladder 16 Ladder 18 Ladder 16 & 18 Interior Photos: Ladder 16 & 18 Compartment Photos: Project Manager: Mark MacDonald Delivery Date: February 1, 2022   FEATURES: Engine: Cummins L9 Transmission: Allison EVS 3000 Model: Cyclone II 60 MPH 100′ Ladder Electronic Stability Control

Waterboro, ME – E-One HR100 Quint Ladder

Project Manager: Chris Champagne Delivery Date: October 5, 2021 FEATURES: E-One Typhoon cab E-One torque box aerial chassis with galvanized box and frame Cummins L9 450HP motor Hale 1500 GPM pump UPF 500 gallon water tank, 30 gallon foam tank E-One HR100 extruded aluminum aerial 750 pound tip load 11’ jack spread fully deployed Advanced Aerial Control system Side stacker hoseload allowing LDH to be repacked without lifting the aerial ladder Large rescue style compartments

Wellesley, MA – E-One HP75 Quint

  Interior Photos: Compartment Photos: Project Manager: Mark MacDonald Delivery Date: August 31, 2021 FEATURES: Cummins L9 450hp motor Electronic stability control Disc brakes A heavy duty steel bumper Galvanized frame assembly, including the cross members Frame extensions and battery brackets for added corrosion protection Cab and chassis also features both driver and officer side medical cabinets and a Vogel automatic lubrication system Added safety features in the cab include our severe service “roll-cage” cab design Roll Tek air bag safety system with roll-over protection and front impact air bags Hale QFLO 1250 gpm pump Trident air primer 500 gallon…

Holden MA – Horton 623 F550 4×4 Class I Type I Ambulance

Compartment Photos: Interior Photos: Project Manager: Chris Gagnon Delivery Date: June 22, 2021   FEATURES: 74” interior head room Horton Occupant Protection HOPS Curbside forward bench work station with INtraxx cardiac monitor mount. Front wall work station Knox Med Vault Stainless steel inhalation panel and antimicrobial grab handles. (4) custom patient area sliding drawers Ducted AC above main wall cabinet. Horton Cool-Tech recessed Condenser with Solar Panel Horton I4G electrical system with Streetside and curbside panels. Stryker Power Load system Whelen M series LED lighting and Lightbar and Siren

North Stonington, CT – E-One Commercial Pumper

Exterior Photos: Project Manager: Mike Pinto Delivery Date: June 21, 2021   FEATURES: 2021 E-ONE / Peterbilt Model 567 3000 Gallon Engine Tanker Powered by a 565HP Cummins Motor Hale QMAX 1500 GPM Pump Triple Dumps with camera monitoring capabilities Whelen Warning Lighting Scene lighting throughout Elkhart Cobra EXM monitor

Warwick, RI – Horton Type I Rescue

  Interior Photos: Compartment Photos: Project Manager: Colin Boutin Delivery Date: June 16, 2021 Horton Type 1 Rescue 2021 Ford F550 4x4 Diesel Chassis Horton 603 Aluminum Body and Interior Horton H.O.P.S. System Horton I4G System Whelen Emergency Lighting Stryker Powerload System

York Beach, ME – 2021 Typhoon Rescue Pumper

Project Manager: Chris Champagne Delivery Date: June 9, 2021   FEATURES: 2021 E-One “new” style Typhoon cab Heavy Duty front bumper package with jump line and front suction Severe Service Package, including- Hot dip galvanized frame, battery boxes, frame x-members, bumper extensions, stainless brake lines, stainless fuel lines, stainless fuel tank straps, galvanized fuel tank, and stainless air tank straps Electronic stability control for added safety beyond the standard ABS system Cummins L9 motor with 450 HP Allision EVS-3000 transmission Jacobs Engine Compression brake On Spot tire chains Cold weather interior package with 4 heaters and added insulation All extruded…

Lowell, MA – E-One Typhoon Pumper

Interior/Compartment Photos: Project Manager: John Buckley Delivery Date: May 25, 2021   FEATURES: Typhoon medium cab Extruded aluminum body with internal ladder storage Hale QMax 1500 gpm pump Akron vales 780 gallon UPF tank Whelen light package

Maynard, MA – Horton | Ford F550 Type I Ambulance

Project Manager: Dick Willis Delivery Date: May 20, 2021   Interior Photos: Compartment Photos: FEATURES: Custom interior layout. Occupant Protection System. (HOPS) 6" drop skirts. Stryker Power Load System and Stryker Power Cot. In-Power Battery Switch. Cooltech II, 100,000 BTU Air Conditioning System with Solar Panel and Smart Fans. Electric oxygen Cylinder Lift. And Many More Options.

Arlington, MA – Horton / Ford F550 Type I Ambulance

Compartment Photos: Interior Shots:   Delivery Date: May 11, 2021 Project Manager: Dick Willis Features: Cooltech II 100,000 BTU air conditioning system with Solar Panel and Smart Fans. Occupant Protection System. (HOPS) 6" Drop Skirts, Street side and Curbside. Stryker Power Load Cot Mount System. Electronic Privacy Windows. Chevron Style Conspicuity Lighting. In-Power Battery Switch And Many More Options.

Dennis, MA – Horton Type I Ambulance

Delivery Date: March 30, 2021 Project Manager: Keith Jackson Compartment Photos: Features: 2021 Ford F550 4X2 Horton 623 (173” body) 74” interior headroom Custom cabinet wall ALS configuration at head end of bench CG Tech interior panels Intraxx interchangeable LifePak mounts On-board 02 re-fill station Whelen M9 emergency lighting package Horton HOPS system for crew safety Horton Cool-Tech, including “Smart fans” and solar panel Horton Vi-Tech body mount system State of the art Per4Max crew safety restraint system

East Greenwich, RI – E-One Custom Pumper

Exterior Photos: Compartment Photos:     Delivery Date: March 24, 2021 Project Manager: Colin Boutin Features: E-One Typhoon chassis 3/16” Aluminum/Extruded Cab 3/16” Aluminum/Extruded Body Hale QMAX 1500gpm Pump Foampro 1600 30 Gallon Foam Cell 750 Gallon Water Tank Whelen Warning Light Package Whelen Summit Scene Lighting Whelen Low Power Mode Warning Light Capability Galvanized Frame Rails, Crossmembers, and Extensions. Line-X Protective Coating Onboard Smartpower Generator Internal Ladder Storage 24’/14’/10’ Booster Reel 9’-8” OAH 32’-1” OAL

Marion, MA – E-One 2500 Gallon Tanker

Exterior Photos: Compartment Photos: Delivery Date: March 17, 2021 Project Manager: Brian Zarlenga Features: 2021 Peterbilt 348 chassis E-One Stainless body 1000 GPM Hale Pump 2500-Gallon Water Tank 3000-Gallon Aluminum Drop tank Trident Primer system Ground ladders, suction hoses Voyager back up camera system Class 1 TPG Plus Pressure Governor

Friendship, ME – E-One Mini Rescue Pumper

Delivery Date: March 9, 2021 Project Manager: Chris Champagne Features: Ford F-550 4 x 4 chassis, with diesel engine, automatic transmission, aluminum wheels, and bright trim package Rear cab storage for Fire/EMS gear, 12 volt and 110 power, and 4 SCBA brackets enclosed ZICO storage bags to ensure a clean cab environment Rear back up camera Hale 1500 GPM pump, de-rated for 1250GPM for extended longevity Hale Class A foam system 300 gallons of water, 30 gallons of foam A large, rescue style body for squad style use Roof top storage for Stokes basket and Little Giant ladder Enclosed storage…

Billerica, MA – E-One eMax Rescue Pumper

  Project Manager: John Buckley Delivery Date: February 4, 2021   FEATURES: Stainless steel eMAX rescue pumper body with full depth compartments and rooftop storage compartments 500 gal. water tank with 30 gal. foam cell 1500 GPM pump Cab roof mounted Command Light LED light tower 6 kw hydraulic pto generator

Lincolnville, ME – E-One eMax Pumper

Project Manager: Chris Champagne Delivery Date: January 28, 2021   FEATURES: International HV607 chassis with 450 HP Electronic Stability control, and studded tires for winter traction. E-One built this E-Max entirely from 304L stainless steel and the paint is E-One’s unique FRP overlay process with a 12-year non-prorated warranty. Waterous 1250 GPM, the Class A foam system is from Class One, there is a ground level foam refill pump for safe refiling of the 30 gallon foam tank. Trident Auto Prime system. 1000 gallons of water in a UPF tank. Ladders, suction hoses, and long handle tools are all stored…

Hartford, CT – E-One E2 & E5 Custom Pumpers

Exterior Photos for Engine 2 & 5: Project Manager: Mike Pinto Delivery Date: January 22, 2021   FEATURES: E-ONE Typhoon X Medium Cab Severe Duty Interior 96” Wide Urban Body Low Hosebed Hale DSD 1500 GPM Pump 500 Gallons water 50 Gallons Foam

Newton, MA – E-One Custom Pumper

Project Manager: Mark MacDonald Delivery Date: January 15, 2021   FEATURES: 3/16” aluminum, extruded roll-cage design Typhoon cab Cummins L9 450hp engine 12” vista roof Air ride suspension Electronic stability control 780 gallon water tank Hale 1250 gpm pump Class 1 total pressure governor Q2B siren Harrison 6KW hydraulic generator Whelen warning and scene lighting package Weldon VMUX electrical system with a Vista IV display Severe duty dash package Aluminum wheels, and of course a chrome fire bell! Advanced corrosion protection features such as a galvanized, powder coated, and painted frame rail/cross member package Stainless steel fuel tank. “clean cab”…
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