North Attleboro, MA – E-One HR100 Ladder

Compartment Photos: Project Manager: Mark MacDonald Delivery Date: November 28, 2022   FEATURES: Emax HR100 tandem axle heavy duty quint! Built on our severe service 3/16” extruded aluminum Typhoon cab Roll-cage design for firefighter safety. The chassis is powered by a Cummins X12 500 hp engine Aluminum wheels Driver and officer side storage cabinets 12” split vista roof Barrier style doors E-One’s integral torque box Zinc flame spray coating for added corrosion protection. 1500gpm pump 500 gallon tank Pre-piped and pinnable water way Akron Stream Master II 1000 gpm monitor! L-1 includes a custom Whelen warning and scene lighting package…

Lynn, MA – E-One 100′ Metro Ladder

  Interior Photos: Compartment Photos: Project Manager: Danny Martins Delivery Date: February 18, 2022   FEATURES: E-One Typhoon Medium Cab Severe Duty Dash Package Cummins L9 450hp Allison EVS 3000 HR100 Aerial Pre-Pipe Pinnable Waterway Advanced Aerial Control System Electronic Stability Control Whelen Emergency Light Package FireTech Scene Light Package

East Providence, RI – E-One 100′ Ladder

Interior/Exterior Photos: Project Manager: Brian Zarlenga Delivery Date: November 4, 2021 FEATURES: E-One Typhoon chassis Cummins L9 450HP Motor EVS 3000 Transmission 360 AMP Niehoff Alternator Front Axle Parking Brake Air Tank Drains with Pull Cords Severe Duty Dash Package Advanced Aerial Control System 3/16” Aluminum/Extruded Cab 100’ Aluminum Ladder Whelen Warning Light Package

Wellesley, MA – E-One HP75 Quint

  Interior Photos: Compartment Photos: Project Manager: Mark MacDonald Delivery Date: August 31, 2021 FEATURES: Cummins L9 450hp motor Electronic stability control Disc brakes A heavy duty steel bumper Galvanized frame assembly, including the cross members Frame extensions and battery brackets for added corrosion protection Cab and chassis also features both driver and officer side medical cabinets and a Vogel automatic lubrication system Added safety features in the cab include our severe service “roll-cage” cab design Roll Tek air bag safety system with roll-over protection and front impact air bags Hale QFLO 1250 gpm pump Trident air primer 500 gallon…

Providence, RI – E-One 100′ Ladder

Project Manager: Audra Jaconetti Delivery Date: March 18, 2019 Engine: Cummins ISX Transmission: Allison EVS 4000 Model: Cyclone II Electronic Stability Control Aerial single Axle Metro 100 V-Mux Electrical System 60 Mph