Billerica Fire Department

Mark MacDonald,

On behalf of the Billerica Fire Department, please excuse the delay in writing this letter of appreciation. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Ray Brousseau and his staff at Greenwood Emergency Vehicles for his exceptional assistance a few months ago. We were experiencing an issue with one of our vehicles in which Ray and his staffs efforts went above and beyond to try and resolve an issue that we believed may have been a manufacturer defect. Ray contacted the vendor in question and without satisfaction, contacted the vendor a second time with hopes of a better resolution. We forwarded pictures and videos that Ray and his staff broke down and forwarded to the vendor, all this above and beyond our expectations. The end result determined that the item in question was out of warranty. With Ray’s expertise, he assisted us with making decisions on an alternative solution that
was more cost effective.

We feel that when we purchase a vehicle from Greenwood, we are not just getting a new vehicle; we are getting superior service with a very knowledgeable staff.

Thank you,

Billerica Fire Department