20 Boston Deliveries and still counting.

20 Boston Deliveries and still counting.

We are pleased to announce that we have delivered 20 of Boston Fire Department’s new E-One Pumpers!

The final 3 units will be delivered to the City in early 2018 completing their 23 unit purchase.
We thank the City of Boston, our City, for the opportunity to provide these life saving pieces of apparatus for their community.


We’ll be posting these individually soon.

3 thoughts on “20 Boston Deliveries and still counting.

    1. Hi Coach Mike, there are 3 Metro’s coming later this fall, but we don’t know what companies are going to be assigned the trucks yet. There will also be 3 additional Metros and a tower truck, along with the final 3 engines next year, but again, we do not know at this time which companies they will be assigned to.

  1. Are there any plans from the Boston Fire Dept to purchase a new Heavy Rescue Truck, or a new Tower Ladder in 2018 and will it be a mid-mount tower ladder or a rear mount rig from EONE. Thank you.

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