HP 100

HP 100


hp100With a 500 gallon water tank, this first responder is ready to fight the moment it arrives on scene. The HP 100 has a structural safety factor of 2.5 to 1, exceeding NFPA requirements. The HP 100’s body is available in a traditional center hosebed or the sought after SideStacker®We also offer a truck company body option, with no pump or tank, which makes the HP 100 a valuable asset to any department. 

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  • Structural Safety Factor: 2.5 to 1
  • Jack Spread: 12′
  • Wheelbase: 230″
  • Gallon Water Tank: 500



  • Quest® or cyclone® II chassis
  • Medium, long and extended length 4-door cabs available
  • Optional split-raised roof
  • Integral torque box chassis
  • 230”-240” wheelbase
  • Up to 600 HP engine
  • Standard safety features such as roll cage cab, crewguard & ABS brakes
  • Optional safety features such as airbags & G4 (electronic stability control)


  • Body available in aluminum or stainless steel
  • Available in center hosebed and SideStacker configurations
  • Sidestacker body features full-depth compartments
  • Truck company body available (no pump or tank)


  • Multiplex electrical system with color display provides increased feature capability and improved diagnostics
  • Whelen® optical and audible warning packages standard, others optional
  • Options include led scene lights, led ladder climbing lights and  6-20 kW hydraulic generators


  • 100’ extruded aluminum ladder with 2.5 to 1 structural safety factor
  • 550 lb tip load (500 lbs. firefighters & 50 lbs equipment) wet or dry
  • Criss-cross, underslung jack spread of only 12’
  • 11’9” overall height with truck company; 11’10” with pump/tank
  • 3” lower overall height available with CII aerial cab
  • Pinnable waterway
  • Options include Aerial Information System (AIS), 2.5” valve at tip, ladder brackets, axe and pike pole brackets


  • Hale® or Waterous® pumps up to 2000 GPM
  • 500 gallon water tank
  • Stainless steel discharge manifold
  • Optional foam systems, direct injection, CAFS and around the pump (ATP)
  • Customizable discharges and preconnects to meet departments needs

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