Super Tiller

Super Tiller


clipped-mirrored-tiller-monroevilleThe E-ONE Super Tiller with V-Max® cab is a 100 ft. tillered aerial ladder boasting a 550 lb tip-load at the end while flowing water in all positions. V-Max Cab is designed for optimal visibility and has an enclosed flip-up “buddy seat” for driver training. The tiller cab also features air-conditioning, heat and defrost as standard. The air ride tiller axle and custom-designed steering system are engineered to enhance the tiller’s maneuverability on congested, uneven streets. The Super Tiller also offers a single set of outriggers with 17’-6” jack spread, standard short jack system for deployment in confined spaces and standard run-under protection system. 

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  • Structural Safety Factor: 2.5 to 1
  • Ladder Rating: Up to 550
  • Welded Extruded Aluminum Ladder: 100′
  • Tiller Cab: V-Max



  • Cyclone® ii or Quest® chassis
  • Medium and long 4-door cabs available
  • Optional vista
  • Air suspension for tiller axle
  •  140” tractor wheelbase
  • Up to 600 HP Engine
  • Standard safety features such as roll cage cab, Crewguard & ABS brakes
  • Airbags optional


  • Extruded aluminum body
  • Standard and high capacity body configurations available
  • Dual till cab staircases
  • Modular body construction
  • Standard and wide ladder tunnel options
  • Body design meets NFPA requirements for viewing the tiller axle area


  • 100’ extruded aluminum ladder with 2.5 to 1 structural safety factor
  • 550 lb tip load (500-lbs. firefighters and 50-lbs. equipment) dry and wet
  • Jack spread of only 17’ 6” with short jack capability standard
  • 11’3” overall height
  • No outrigger pins
  • Pinnable waterway
  • Angled tip for better driver visibility when stowed
  • Options include ladder bracket on base and axe and pike pole brackets at tip


Multiplex electrical system with display provides increased feature capability and improved diagnostics

Whelen® optical and audible warning packages standard, others optional

Options include LED scene lights, LED ladder climbing lights  and  6-15 kw hydraulic generators

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