The Quest cab is designed to be stronger, more spacious, comfortable and ergonomic with an expansive 3728 square inches of front windshield for increased visibility, as well as offering a robust option set to meet your department’s storage and performance needs.

And each E-ONE cab is designed and built with a structural cage design to provide maximum protection and comfort for firefighters. Structural extrusions including sub-frames, a full flange wishbone frame rail, center uprights, and crossbeam extrusions are engineered for optimum performance. Horizontal and vertical supports handle severe vertical loads which can occur in accidents. The perimeter skin material is made of 3/16” aluminum-alloy sheet for added strength, including the doors.

From the tread plate aluminum roof to the extruded lattice sub frame, the E-ONE Quest has been engineered to be the benchmark in custom chassis construction.

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Extruded Aluminum Cab: 3/16″
Roll Cage Cab: Integral
Wide Cab with Flush Doors: 100″
Cab Windshield: 3,728 Sq. In.


The redesigned stainless steel front end doesn’t just look tough, it’s designed smarter as well. The quad staggered headlights offer options for integrated turning signals or daytime running lights, with optional led headlights as well. it’s also designed with an extremely robust cast aluminum front fascia.


While the Quest has always offered an expansive 3728 square inch, two-piece windshield, we lowered the center dash and raised the overhead console. The result – industry-leading visibility.


Heavy duty, tubular wiper arms with 32” blades that also clear the area  in front of the mirrors – an industry first.


The need to improve ergonomics in e-One custom cabs was the driving force behind the original Quest cab. for the redesign, we took those improvements even further.  we’ve made it even easier to enter and exit the cab by lowering and widening the first step and by adding integrated led lighting in the step well area. in addition, the seats in the rear of the cab can be placed at a slight angle to make donning scba’s easier for the crew.


Cab mirrors are now available in both cab-corner or west-coast style placement.  cab corner mirrors are available with top convex, bottom convex, and heated glass.


Whether you need the ruggedness of a severe duty interior or the refined look of formed composite material for an automotive styling, the redesigned Quest now offers both interiors to meet your department’s needs. The severe duty option offers both texture painted and stainless steel door panels as well.


Convenient steering wheel buttons for wiper functions as well as supplemental control of master warning, air horns, and auxiliary brake.  for your customization needs, three auxiliary buttons are provided and labeled with “1,” “2,” and “3” to meet individual department requirements.


The Quest now offers manual or power windows, manual or power locks, and fixed or power adjustable throttle and brake pedals.


The redesigned cab offers even more storage than before. storage bins under the rear-facing passenger seats not only hold mission critical items but personal items as well. The officer-side kick plate features strategically placed integrated recesses to create up to 346 cubic inches of additional legroom.


Today’s firefighters are more connected than ever before, but that connection creates a need for power.  we addressed that need by integrating power sources throughout the cab. Not only are there  usb and 12 volt outlets available in the center dash for the driver  and officer’s needs, but also offer usb and 12 volt outlets below  the rear facing crew seats as well.


Because not all emergencies occur during the daytime, in-cab lighting is critical. we’ve added red ambient lighting throughout the cab to improve visibility without distracting the driver. front wash lights continually illuminate the center dash while two rows of pin lights over the engine cover can be activated when needed by either the driver or officer. Throughout the cab, we’ve strategically placed red led floor lighting and storage bin lighting to improve the crew’s visibility as well.

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