I wanted to thank you for the loan of the ambulance. Back in February we had to take our shared ambulance off the road because of serious mechanical issues. When this happened it left the five towns who share this ambulance without backup. At the time Randolph Fire Department a member town was in need of a backup immediately. At the time we had just ordered our second Horton ambulance from Greenwood EV this year.

Our trade-in was going to be the new shared ambulance. We knew it would be a period of time before our new Horton ambulance would be delivered. I contacted your ambulance sales manager, Keith Jackson and asked him if there was anything Greenwood could do for us. He assured me that he would take a look and see if Greenwood had a trade-in ambulance we could use. In less than an hour Keith called me back and said a trade-in had come in recently and for us to come down and take a look at it.

We made the trip to Greenwood to view the ambulance. After we took a look and we found that this ambulance would work for us. Within days we had the ambulance inspected and licensed by OEMS and put it into service. We have relied heavily on that ambulance over the last few months. The ambulance helped five communities to continue delivering ambulance service to their citizens. Over the years I have been Fire Chief I found Greenwood Emergency Vehicles to be very responsive to the needs of the Canton Fire Department. One of the most important products Greenwood has provided us with was service on our vehicles in a very timely manner. As you can see in the enclosed photo we just received our second Horton ambulance within the last six months. I would like to thank you, Mark MacDonald, Keith Jackson, Walter Cryan and your dedicated crew for your help with our recent crisis with our shared ambulance.

Thomas J. Ronayne III
Canton Fire Department
Chief of Department