This communication is one which expresses a positive experience regarding the Horton Ambulance products we have purchased from Greenwood Emergency Vehicles in North Attleboro, Massachusetts. We have purchased both Type I and Type III, Class I vehicles and we have been very satisfied with each purchase. We have had great reliability and serviceability with the Horton product.

I have personally purchased two (2) Horton Ambulances from Greenwood in the past three (3) years and my predecessor also purchased two (2) Horton Ambulances from Greenwood. Our personnel are happy with the specs that we have fine tuned through the years with Greenwood and as an administrator I can honestly say that my observations have been nothing but positive. Fit and finish are excellent and the product longevity is second to none. Those in sales are well versed in their product and every delivery has turned out to be everything we expected. Warranty issues have always been taken care of promptly and whenever repairs were necessary, even in our oldest unit, they were completed in a timely manner and always to our satisfaction. I am proud to sign my name to this communication and I welcome any inquiries.

Fire Chief Alan R. Jack
Seekonk Fire Department