I just wanted to write a quick letter to let you know the reasons we selected Horton and Greenwood Emergency Vehicles for our new ambulance. When we first bought a new ambulance in 2003, Larry Woodbury was an incredible person who introduced us to the Horton family and we were very impressed. Two years ago, Larry assisted us when we thought we were going to buy another new ambulance, but then we could not. Larry was exceptional and we were very impressed with your company. Last year, we had the honor of meeting Tyler at the Chief’s Conference in Mass. Tyler introduced himself and said that he would help us through the process.

He has come up several times to meet with members of our department, the selectmen, the budget committee and residents. He has been very knowledgeable and hard working. He is a great addition to your team and has been awesome to work with and eventually made the sale to Horton again, and not one of the competitors ambulance which were a little cheaper. The budge committee asked us to check around, so we had over 15 ambulances we looked at from many different vendors. Our area has a large amount of PL Customs and Road Rescues. But at the end, we looked at our current ambulance which has been great (besides of some Ford issues), the service that we have received starting with Larry and now with Tyler, and the commitment that your company has made to protecting EMT’s townspeople have also agreed to let us expend money as we get it, so our goals is to purchase a new ambulance every 4-5 years. We appreciate everything that Tyler has done, often answering questions 7 days a week for us and taking the time to make us understand what we were looking for. You have an incredible team and we look forward to proudly showing off our new ambulance when it arrives!

Chief Samantha J. Cole
Lebanon Rescue Department