All to often we take for granted and don’t thank or recognize the people that work behind the scenes to keep us up and running. Being in the fire service we hear from the general public “You guys have a thankless job.” I am sure the same goes for you as well being mechanics.

If it isn’t for your prompt attention and expertise to get us there, where would we turn? I , for one, have and still do appreciate everything that you gentlemen do for me to keep my department in good working order and it is comforting to know that you are just a phone call away if I run into any problems. Whenever I have stopped by your shop, I have always been greeted with courtesy and a very friendly atmosphere. I appreciate the fact you take the time to go over things that have been fixed and if you find something that needs repairing, you take the time to call and explain it to me.

Whereas I have seen in the past, some people would just go ahead and fix it without contacting anyone. As Al Davis’ team concept for the Oakland Raiders goes “Commitment to Excellence” there is no doubt in my mind that Greenwood follows the same. As a token of my appreciation for the hard work you do for me throughout the year, I want to thank you and please accept this gift form me.

Fire Chief James F. Moore
North Berwick Fire Department