I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation for your continued dedication, outstanding product knowledge and your reliable service at the Brunswick repair facility. As you know, in 2005, the Brunswick Fire Department began soliciting specifications for a tower ladder which was followed by the purchase of a 100′ Pierce Platform in 2006. It continues to serve the Department well. However, there have always been difficulties when it came to service, due to the lengthy distance to Minuteman Fire and Rescue Apparatus in Walpole, MA. Shortly after the purchase of the Pierce aerial, you opened the repair facility in Brunswick which quickly gained recognition. At that time service contracts were negotiated with Greenwood’s facility. This facility currently repairs the Brunswick Fire Department’s fleet of non-E0One apparatus, as-well-as the 2006 Pierce.

As you are well aware of, the annual pump certifications for the apparatus is a very thorough and lengthy process. These and other necessary repairs are always been taken care of in a timely and accurate manner. It is my firm opinion that the staff at the Brunswick facility has always been very professional and extremely customer orientated. In 2008, the department solicited specifications for 2 Rescue Pumper / CAFS units. As always, the department concentrated only on high-quality, financially secure and well represented companies. The department also found it important to focus on the proximity of the facility for repair purpose and the need for the facility to offer certified technicians in fire apparatus maintenance. Greenwood’s Brunswick and E-One met the department’s needs in the areas listed above, as well as having the ability to meet specifications and service requirements. The Department will be receiving the 2 Cyclone II Rescue Pumper / CAFS units sometime in June 2009. I would like to acknowledge that throughout the build process, you have answered and made the department aware of the apparatus’ weekly and bi-weekly progress. You as well as Greenwoods have continually gone above and beyond during this process to insure that the department’s needs are and have been met. It has and will continue to be a pleasure dealing with yourself and the Greenwoods staff.

Lieutenant Chris Fairbanks,
Brunswick Fire Department