Special Purpose Vehicles

Some teams of emergency services personnel require a Special Purpose Vehicle to do a specific job on the front lines. One example of a truck in this category is the Airport Rescue Fire-Fighting Vehicles (ARFF) Used at airports nationwide, and beyond our borders, to quickly access incidents on or near the runway. This fleet calls for highly-customized designs, and the Maxim Motor Company answers that call with this vehicle. The standard Ford F-550 4 x 4 chassis, pump and roll operations, and diesel engine-driven pumps by Hale or Darley provide all of the specialized equipment necessary for a specific type…

Quick Attack Vehicle

Maxim’s Quick Attack Vehicle earns its name for its ability to navigate even the tightest spots in a speedy manner, a critical necessity for fighting fires in both crowded urban settings, and hard-to-reach locations in more rural locales. Its size is reduced, but not it’s fire fighting capabilities. It can carry an adequate water supply, along with compressed air foam to fight even the fiercest of flames. The Ford F-550 4 x 4 chassis comes standard, as do the Whelen LED lights and siren, but body construction materials, and pumps are all buyer’s choice. With a slew of options available,…

Commercial Pumpers & Tankers

  Maxim’s affordable Commercial Pumpers and Tankers will be the flagship trucks of this brand-new line, used to fight fires on the front lines. With water tanks small or large enough to complement the rest of the fleet, and a choice in body construction and materials, both models are the perfect addition to your current line of first-responding emergency vehicles. Whelen LED lights and siren come standard, but it’s your choice of an International or Kenworth chassis, a Hale or Darley pump, and a graphics package to suit your style. There are dozens of options available, so customize your ride…

Custom Pumpers

This is the truck that has it all. The pride of the Maxim fleet, this first-responding vehicle has by far the most options, and serves the most emergency needs. While all Maxim Custom Rescue Pumpers feature an all stainless-steel body, aluminum wheels, roll-up doors, enclosed hard suction storage, chevron striping at the rear, and a vertical interior ladder tunnel for 24’ or 14’ ladders, there’s a choice among several models of Cummins engines, a 750 or 1000 gallon poly tank, and the type of Spartan chassis offered. With disc brakes on the front and rear, mud and snow tires on…

East Marion, NY – Maxim Pumper

Project Manager: Mark MacDonald Delivery Date: December 19, 2012 FEATURES: Engine: Caterpillar C7 350HP Diesel Engine Allison EVS 3000 automatic 5-speed electronic transmission Class 1 Pressure Governor QMax 1500 gpm single stage pump 750 gallon poly water tank

Paris, ME – Maxim Tanker

Project Manager: Chris Champagne Delivery Date: March 21, 2011   FEATURES: Engine:International MaxForce 410 HP International 7600 CAB Waterous 500 GPM Pump 3000 Gallon Water Tank Triple Newton Dumps

Milford, ME – MAXIM Quick Attack

Project Manager: Alan Clark / Chris Champagne Delivery Date: January 20, 2011   FEATURES: Engine: Ford 6.7L Turbo Ford F-550 5-Speed Water Tank - Waterous 300 Gallon Watertank - 20 Foam Waterous Diesel pump Waterous CAFS System